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Academic Skills Team: A guide for staff

Ordering Resources

If you wish to order resources to support your module, please get in touch with your subject librarian. You can find out who is your contact at Meet the team.

We have a digital-first policy and priority is given to items which are recommended on reading lists.

Ordering Books & Journals


The Reading List Policy makes a commitment to purchasing essential items on reading lists and within the context of budget constraints, digital copies will be provided. We need titles at least 6 weeks before the beginning of each semester, together with the following information:

  • If it is essential, recommended, background reading or whether the student is expected to purchase the title
  • Number of students who will need to access the title
  • The module code
  • Proof that it is on a reading list e.g. Document, Rebus list link etc.

Availability of an accompanying reading list will be checked as part of the ordering process and one will be created if there is not one.



Number: Essential Reading

Number: Recommended Reading

Number: Background Suggested for Purchase Reading

Title only in print

1 print book per 20 students
Maximum number of 5 copies (including 1 print no loan)

1 print book per 30 students
Maximum number of 3 copies (including 1 print no loan)

1 print NO LOAN

Title available in print
& electronic with 1 user licence

1 ebook & 1 print book per 30 students
With a maximum 3 ebooks, 3 print (including 1 print no loan)

2 ebooks, 1 print no loan

2 ebooks

Title available in ebook multiple user licence

1 ebook, then 1 print per 30 students
Maximum 1 ebook, 3 print books (including 1 print no loan)

1 ebook

1 ebook


Send your request to your subject librarian detail can be found on the Meet the Team page


Send any new journal requests to your subject librarian. Please note for print journals we will only subscribe to print journals which do not have a suitable electronic alternative available unless a business case is submitted. We review the journal collection annually and new titles will only be considered during this review. Review for new titles for 18/19 was completed in February 18, any requests received after will be considered for purchase in 19/20 unless it is for a new award. All new requests should be accompanied with a learning and teaching business case, such as a module descriptor, how it will be integrated into learning and teaching in particular reading lists. Most publishers only allow subscriptions to start in January. We have a digitisation service that can obtain copyright free articles should you want to provide articles in the meantime, for more details please contact the Course Pack Team.  


Library Collection Development and Management Policy 

This policy provides a framework for the development of the Library's collections to ensure that the Library supports and facilitates excellence in learning, teaching and research.

University & Partnership New Course Validation

A business case for a new course should include any library resources that will need to be purchased and added to the University’s library collection. It is helpful if the Library is informed of any library resource implications before the approval of any course so that the Library can provide advice and include in future budgetary forecasts. 


For existing electronic resources, such as, journals, online databases and ebooks, the licences may not include access by the partnership course. To be legally compliant an add-on to the licence may be required which often incurs an extra cost to the University. It should also be noted that occasionally some suppliers may prohibit partnership access, for example if the partner is in a particular country or because of commercial restrictions. 

The Library can provide further advice, as well as representation at validation events. For more details contact Alison Pope, Learning and Information Services Manager - Learning Teaching and Learner Experience.