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Maths Support

Online Resources

General Numeracy

BBC Skills Wise       Guides explaining calculations, worksheets, videos and quizzes

Corbett Maths          Worksheets and videos

Mathcentre               More difficult maths, and subject specific help

Other websites         

Nursing Numeracy

Nursing numeracy Padlet   Formulae and practice questions

Queen's University         Videos showing how to work out a variety of drug calculations

Nottingham University     General methods to solve problems, some questions and answers

Leeds University              Unit conversions, more methods, practice questions and answers 

Paramedic Numeracy

Year 1 Paramedic numeracy Padlet

Year 2 Paramedic numeracy Padlet


General Numeracy

Nursing Numeracy - shelves 610-615

More Subject Specific Resources

More subject specific resources are available here .