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digital U at Staffordshire University: Ambassador

To be digitally capable Staffordshire University employee you must be a digitally capable:

Ambassador who can:

  • Develop and project a positive digital identity and reputation
  • Look after personal health, safety and relationships in digital settings

Using Social Media

The term “social media” refers to the wide range of Internet-based and mobile services that allow you to have participate in online conversations, share information, contribute user-created content, or join online communities. 

See our Guide to Social Media for some tips to get started or to manage your use of social media.

Managing your digital identity

Digital identity can be defined as all the online information and data specifically about you. 

Intentionally or unintentionally we create a “digital footprint” through online activity. This footprint is what makes up our Digital Identity. Each time you publish information/videos/photos online, post content, create a profile, contribute to online conversations and more it contributes to your digital identity in some way. Equally, when someone else publishes/tags information, pictures or videos relating to you, this also becomes part of your digital identity. 

It is important to learn how to manage and build a positive profile. The resources linked here will help you. videos: 

Other resources