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digital U at Staffordshire University: Creator & Innovator

To be digitally capable Staffordshire University employee you must be a digitally capable:

Creator and innovator who can:

  • Design or create new digital artefacts or materials
  • Develop new practices with digital technology in organisational setting

More about Creator and Innovator capabilities...

Creating content

There is a wide range of software and tools which you can use to create content appropriate to your role.  This might by everyday tools and technologies such as:

There is also material on the online training library which covers many common applications.

Microsoft Office 2016

Office 2016 is now available to University staff to install on their PCs.  To help you get to grips with the changes and the new features see our Getting Started with Office 2016 guide.

Using classroom technologies - courses

Courses from

If you complete a course  you can add you certificate to your Linked-in profile

Learning Spaces


Innovation is of critical importance if we are to improve ourselves and the service we offer to students and other staff.

Being innovative does not mean that you have to invent something totally new. It might just mean making a small change, seeking out new tools and adapting them to meet your or your team’s specific needs, or adapting to changes in your environment to deliver better products or services.

If you want to improve your skills in order to be more innovative you may find it helpful to learn some new software tools listed under the Creating Content section of this page, or explore some of the new classroom technology tools available.

You might also find that some Social Media tools will help you discover what other practitioners in your area of expertise are using.  Blogs, Communities of Practice and Twitter can all be excellent sources of ideas. See our Guide to Social Media for some tips if you don't feel confident in this area

Educational Technology at Staffs

We have created guides to introduce you to some of the learning technology equipment installed in our Learning Spaces. 

Science Centre

Guides to using the equipment installed in Lecture Theatres in the Science Centre.  

Teaching room facilities