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digital U at Staffordshire University: Hints, tips & tricks


  • Sli-do - a web based s a web-based audience interaction tool, Q&A & polling platform for live events, for audiences to ask questions in real time, anonymously if they wish, & vote in live polls via their phones, tablets or computers. Each event has a four digit code which can be shared with a class, enabling them to participate
  • Evernote - can be used for writing notes, collaboration content, syncing between your desktop & mobile devices  
  • Google Translate - translate written or spoken language using the camera, keyboard or microphone
  • Twitter -  A communication tool enabling you to keep up-to-date and share information with friends, classmates, colleagues, organisations and public figures. 
  • -  is a library of video-based training courses in a wide range of areas such as business, IT, media production and education 

Microsoft Shortcuts

  • Go to Microsoft's web site to get a full selection of shortcuts 
  • Ctrl + scroll wheel to zoom in and out in lots of software (inc. MS word and internet browser 
  • Windows key and m and – minimises everything and reveals your desktop
  • Ctl + alt + m to add a comment throughout MS office and also in Google docs
  • In Office 2010, use Word > Save As pdf to easily generate pdf files
  • Add “Best Wishes” and your name to your Outlook signature, so it appears on every email without you having to type it! 
  • Use the cut and paste shortcuts  to cut (CTRL + X), copy (CTRL +C) and paste (CTRL +V) and undo (CTRL +Z). Works across most programs! 
  • When using a PowerPoint slideshow highlight key elements on the screen 
  • with a “laser pointer” effect (Ctrl + left mouse button) 
  • A shortcut for Printing CTRL and P 
  • If, for example, you accidentally leave caps lock on and you wish to convert your text from lower to upper case, or a mix of the two, you don’t need to delete it and write it out again.  Highlight the text, hold the shift key down and press F3.  Job done…
  • Copy a file in a folder and use Paste Special to embed it directly into another - appears as a little icon you can click on, instead of having multiple attachments or tryign to add PDFs/Excel  to Word docs, for example