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digital U at Staffordshire University: Pedagogy FIRST

Pedagogy FIRST: digital capability value for Academic Staff

To be a digitally capable Staffordshire University employee you must be a digitally capable ‘Pedagogy FIRST’ teacher who can:

  • Identify the most appropriate pedagogical approach for your students for each topic/lesson/outcome etc
  • Confidently select a tool or technology to support or enhance your pedagogical approaches
  • Effectively use the Staffordshire University range of tools and technologies in classrooms and online to support or enhance your pedagogical approaches
  • Critically evaluate the use of tools or technologies by yourself and/or your colleagues to review their effectiveness in supporting or enhancing a variety of pedagogical approaches
  • Innovate, create and evaluate new ideas for using technology to support or enhance a variety of pedagogical approaches

Pedagogy FIRST Training Events

The new teaching rooms, together with new technologies installed in these, offer an ideal opportunity to review and refresh our classroom practices. The Pedagogy FIRST workshops, delivered by academics from the School of Education and the TEL team, will include discussions about some active learning techniques and ways to use technology to support them. Scheduled dates and booking information are listed on Iris:

Email  to request sessions to be run for a team

Pedagogy FIRST Resources

Our Staffordshire University TEL:Explorer site includes guides to some pedagogic teaching approaches and a series of short ‘how-to’ guides for using a selection of online tools to support and enhance these approaches. Tools include:

  • Core are fully hosted and supported tools for example, Blackboard, Office 365, SITS
  • Supported online tools include Audacity, the Media Library, Qualtrics, Mendeley,  Collaborate web-conferencing, BB Flashback, MindGenius, Powerpoint, Sway and Turnitin
  • Supported Classroom technology including: Kapp Boards, Interactive Screens, Visualisers
  • Recommended tools include Twitter, Socrative, Facebook, Voicethread, Delicious, Pinterest, Poll Everywhere and Padlet
  • Go to the TEL:Explorer site to search and browse

Blackboard Help tab in Blackboard includes a full set of detailed guides to effective use of Blackboard. Go to Blackboard Help