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Finding Information on Google Scholar: Home

Setting up Google Scholar with Staffordshire University links

Google Scholar is a fantastic tool to search for journal articles and all kinds of academic resources.

But did you know that you can also set it up to recognise Staffordshire University journals as well as having access to thousands of free high quality (open access) online journal articles by doing the following:


1. Go to the Google Scholar web page - you don't have to sign in but if you do Google scholar will remember your settings at home work and on an android phone etc.


2. Click on the More option and then choose Settings


3. In the Library Links section enter Staffordshire University in the search box


4. From the results tick the box next to ‘Staffordshire University – Full-Text @ Staffs Uni’ 
    and click on Save 


5. Now when you search Google Scholar you will often see a link to the right of the results, which will either indicate the full text is freely available (open access) or will have a link to find the Full-Text @ Staffs Uni