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Maths Support

Maths Support Available

You may find subject specific help for your course on Blackboard. In addition, we have collected together some resources to help with the following areas of maths:

Numeracy (including nursing) - covering general maths up to GCSE level.

Maths - for higher level maths at A level and beyond.

Statistics - resources and tutorials covering a wide variety of methods including SPSS and ANOVA.

QTS numeracy - help with passing the skills test including an audio recording of the mental maths test.

If you are still experiencing difficulties with maths, you can come along to the maths drop-in, or make a one-to-one appointment for further help.


Maths Drop-in

A maths drop-in runs every Thursday during each semester between 2 and 4pm pm in the Skills Space, Thompson Library.

The maths drop-in is ideal for any 'quick queries' you may have, however small. A further one-to-one appointment can be made following your visit if it becomes apparent that more detailed assistance will be required. It is usually a big help to bring along any lecture notes, examples or exam papers relevant to your maths problem.