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Academic Skills Team: A guide for staff

How can the Academic Skills team help me and my students?

We offer a drop in enquiry service in the Skills Space in the Thompson and Blackheath Lane Libraries. We also offer a triage service to troubleshoot student problems on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-12 in the Hub, Science Centre, Stoke. Students can book via our appointments booking system. We can help students with

What sorts of delivery options are available to me and my students?

We are happy to work with you to provide:-

  • Embedded Lectures - collaborating with you to deliver timely sessions within your module.
  • Workshops outside your normal timetable - bespoke sessions aligned to your specific assignment/learning outcomes but outside or in addition to the normal timetable.
  • Customised Resources - if face to face contact is not possible, we are happy to customise resources to match your students' needs and help you make these available in the most appropriate way, for example, via Blackboard or via Microsoft Teams.
  • 121 sessions - please encourage your students to contact us to arrange individually focused sessions. Support is often required during assignment preparation or as a result of receiving feedback. There is a link to our booking system on the Personal Tutor Dashboard.


What kinds of materials are available to help students improve their academic skills?

Academic Skills Tutors help students become more effective learners and have created a range of guides in paper and podcast format to support students at all levels from foundation to post graduate to help them improve their skills independently. For more details and to access our resources please look at our Academic Skills guides.  

Who can help with research?

Academic Skills Tutors can help students and staff with research at all levels. In addition to 121 support (face to face, telephone, and Skype) we also offer guidance to groups of students on particular modules. Find out about the kind of support we can give in the context of your module.

Please see our Meet the Team tab for key contacts or select the appropriate Subject Guide for your area.