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Acting on Feedback

Develop your understanding and improve your grade by raising your awareness of your strengths and areas for development.

5 things you need to know...

  1. ‚ÄčFeedback can prompt an emotional response. The key is not to become defensive, the comments are there to help you improve.
  2. Do you understand why the comments have been made?
  3. Seek support from tutors and the ASK team to help clarify your understanding.
  4. Make sure you act upon the comments made in your next piece of work.
  5. Acting on feedback should improve your future grades and illustrate your ability to become a reflective learner.

LinkedIn Learning Resources

linkedin learning promotional imageLinkedIn Learning offers online courses and videos to support a wide range of personal, technical and creative skills.

Have a look at our Handling Feedback Collection for some recommended resources.

Need to know more...

We have produced resources to help you to develop your skills in this area.  You will find a factsheet on this topic below, plus others you may find useful.  See also the Online and Books tabs above.  

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Student Union Resource :understanding the importance of feedback advice


20 minute workshop / lecture video

Need more advice?

You can also discuss your development of this skill with a member of the Academic Skills Team.

Make an appointment for an online discussion or email support  by using our online booking form.

Personalising your device and using assistive tools

There are many assistive technology tools which can help you choose how you want to access material and these can really improve your productivity.

The University has made some applications available on the student PCs within the library and IT Centres; others are free for you to download and use on your own devices (phone, tablet, laptop or computer) .  Find out more on our personalising standard software guide and our assistive tools and software guide.