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Reading Lists Online training guide

What is My Collection?

My Collection is your personal store in Leganto where you can save citations for future use. It can be used as a starting point to gather together items you may wish to use in one or more reading lists. Think of it as an online bookshelf of all your favourite resources. Using this option means that you can easily link resources which you want to recommend on multiple modules. For example, if you teach drama you can link a specific title about Shakespeare to modules you may teach on say 3 separate modules on 16th century drama, the development of tragedy and comedy in drama.  

To keep track of the items in your personal collection you can add tags to filter them. Any tags and notes added in My Collection are personal to you and will not be visible when the item is added to a reading list. 

You can add items to My Collection directly within Leganto.  It will also display any citations you added to My Favourites when using the Library Search tool (Primo)

Adding content to My Collection

In Leganto click on the hamburger menu on the top left of the logo.  This displays the main site navigation.  Select Collection.

Any items that you have saved to your Favourites in Library Search (Primo) will be shown in the list.  

Adding items to My Collection using Library Search

  • With your collection open in Leganto, click on the Add Item button on the right-hand side 
  • Click on the Add Item button on the right-hand side 
  • Click on Library Search
  • Use the search options to find relevant items from our collection of books and articles, either print or electronic. Using the Advanced Search option allows you to search for title, author or ISBN. 
  • Select the item required and click the Add button

Adding items to My Collection manually 

  • With your collection open in Leganto, click on the Add Item button on the right-hand side 
  • Click on the Blank Form buton  
  • Select the appropriate Type for your item from the pull-down menu 
  • Fill in all relevant fields, using the More item details option as required 
  • Note that any URL should be added to the Source field  
  • Click Save 

Adding items to My Collection using ‘Cite it!’ 

Cite it! is a tool that can be used to add websites, videos etc. into Leganto. It will pull into Leganto core information about an item from a wide range of academic and popular websites. 

You need to install the Cite it! tool to your browser before you can use this option. 

  • Click on your name on the top right of the screen and click Cite it! 
  • Drag and drop the Cite it! button to your browser toolbar 
  • Find a relevant item on your chosen website and click on the Cite it! button in your browser toolbar.  
  • Add this to my list popup appears containing the details of the item 
  • Select Collection from the Add to options, then click Add & Close to add to your collection

Please note the amount of item information pulled into Leganto via Cite it! varies depending on the source used. Manual editing to improve the data may be required. 

Adding items to My Favourites in Library Search

You can sign into the Library Search (Primo) discovery tool  and add items of interest to your list of favourites.

  • Go to Library Search, and sign in.
  • Conduct a search as normal and when you find items you want to add, click on the pin icon to add to My Favourites

Adding items from My Collection to a list

  • In your list select the Add Items button
  • Select Collection
  • Locate the items you want to add
    • Grab anywhere in the result to drag and drop the item into the appropriate section in your list 
    • If you need to add a note select the item and the section to add it to, and select Add and Edit. Add the additional information and click Save.