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Nursing: Finding articles

What are journals and why are they important?

As a student in higher education your tutors will be looking for evidence that you have used a wide range of resources in your studies.  Journals are one such resource.  They can provide up to date, specialised information on topics which are not always found in books.  There are two main types of journal.

Academic Journals for example - 
Journal of advanced nursing

Trade, general and professional magazines for example -
Nursing Times

Searching for articles on nursing topics

Full text articles that can be viewed, saved and printed using:

Looking for a particular journal title?

Use this link to search for an eJournal title

Journals A to Z

Once you have found the journal you want you can search within it for articles.

Print journals

Some journals are only available in print and are located in the Blackheath Lane and Shrewsbury Libraries.  You may browse the journals and use them in the library building.  Photocopiers and scanners are in the library and you are allowed to copy articles for your own use.

The journal titles listed below are a selection from the collection available in the Blackheath Lane and Shrewsbury Libraries:

  • Journal of dementia care
  • Nursing Times

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search