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Student IT Support and Training: Online resources and training Online Training is a library of video-based training courses focused on software topics and business skills training. 

These cover everything from commonly used software such as Microsoft Office to specialised applications in areas such as photography, web applications, audio and video, as well as more general topics such as collaboration, presentations and project management.

The tutorials cover Windows PCs and Apple software and are available for both beginners and more advanced users. They can be played on PCs, Macs and mobile devices and can be accessed both on and off campus.

Each course is broken into many short chapters most of which last for only a few minutes meaning that you can fit studying the courses around other commitments.  As well as the videos many of the courses include exercise files allowing you to practice the skills covered in the tutorial.  If you complete all chapters within a course you can even get a certificate to confirm you have completed the training!

There are closed captions and an auto-scrollable transcript provided alongside many of the courses, allowing you to follow the video without sound.


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