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Reading Lists Online training guide

Adding your list into Blackboard

  • Reading lists are accessed in Blackboard through an LTI tool link for Reading List
  • Locate this link and click on it.
  • Connection will be made to Leganto and you will be prompted to create a new list for that module.

Creating a new list from Leganto

If you are not linking to your reading list from a Blackboard module then you will need to create the list within Leganto

Login to Leganto

Once you are logged in to Leganto you can create a list easily by clicking on the + new list option on the right-hand side of the screen.  The reading list name should be the module title, followed by the module code e.g. History of cheese CHES12345.

Leganto New List

You will be offered a choice of templates which will enable you to start dividing your reading list into sections week by week or by type of importance e.g. essential, recommended. You can then add the titles of items you want to recommend into each of the sections you have created. 

Leganto templates

Linking your list to the module

Once you have selected your template you should associate the list with the relevant course.  Note that even if you don't use Blackboard for your module there will be a course for it within Leganto. 

Select the Associate List button.  Start to type the name of the module/course and from the drop-down list select the correct one and click confirm.

Leganto Associate Course

You can now start to add content to your list.  

To ensure it is visible to students you will need to Publish the list.

The Publish button, located on the top right, allows the materials and list to become discoverable. You can check list status in the top left corner under the module title. Examples shows item still in Draft mode.