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Study Areas

Types of study areas

two students studying together at large screen

There is a wide selection of study spaces in most buildings across our Stoke campus for you to use allowing you to study in a way that suits your needs and preferences.


There are three types of study spaces across the university.

Group Study 

These are spaces where talking is allowed, but you should take care not to disturb others studying. 

Silent Study 

These are spaces where you can study without distraction. There is no talking allowed and you must turn your mobile phone to silent.

Family Study 

These spaces provide an area for parents to study whilst supervising their children.

Finding study spaces

You can find your nearest space on Beacon. Use the maps feature or ask Beacon for a study space in your location to get started.

You can use the PC Finder tool available from Beacon to see how many PCs are free in all the locations across our campuses:

Select the campus you are at, then the building and you will see the number of currently free machines in each room/location.