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Study Areas

Studying in Catalyst Building

The Catalyst building is located on our Leek Road site in Stoke-on-Trent and is open daily from 8am to 10pm.

This £43m facility is home to a wide variety of study spaces and breakout areas and is accessible to ALL students and apprentices at the University. It also features a Library Click and Collect facility and Lapsafe located in the main atrium on the ground floor as well as a food court. 

Ground floor

The Ground Floor offers a series of welcoming, vibrant and social spaces used by students, staff, and visitors.

To the left of the entrance foyer, there is The Catalyst Hall and The Catalyst Café which combine to form the day-to-day social learning spaces in the building.

catalyst ground floor

catalyst ground floor space

To the right of the entrance are The Kitchen and The Sitting Room.

catalyst kitchen

The Kitchen 

catalyst sitting room

The sitting room

All spaces on the ground floor are accessible to students. Many of our seating areas have plug-in points for devices and can be used for independent study and group work. 

Level 2

Level 2 of The Catalyst is our main hub for student activity. Alongside our seven seminar rooms, The Learning Lab and The Learning Market, this floor also offers a wide range of spaces for students wishing to study, collaborate on projects or socialise. It also has printers available to use with your student card.

Foyer and Learning Lounge

Centred around the main atrium of Level 2, The Foyer and Learning Lounge areas offer break out areas, seating and touch down space with power for your devices. Desktop computers are also available to use in this area.

level 2 foyer

learning lounge

Webinar Pods

Did you know The Catalyst has eight large webinar pods for you to work from? These spaces are ideal for those all-important group projects and come equipped with a screen allowing you to cast your work, brainstorm and conference call as well as have ample desk space. To work from. No prior booking is required for these areas.   


Private Meeting Rooms

A total of 16 private meeting rooms are also available on this floor and are bookable via panels outside of each room for students wishing to collaborate or study in a quiet and closed-off space. Like the webinar pods, each room comes fully equipped with tables and chairs as well as a digital screen.  

private meeting room in the catalyst

Level 2 Breakout Spaces

Level 2 also has loads of informal break out areas and seating arrangements so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs – whether it’s studying or socialising in between lectures or working on projects. 

breakout rooms level 2 catalyst

breakout rooms level 2 catalyst

breakout space level 2 catalyst

Level 3

Independent Study Area

This floor contains extensive study private study spaces providing a change of pace from the more open plan areas on Level 2. Our two independent study areas on this floor are located at the far end of the building. To access these areas, you’ll need to go through the Staffordshire Centre of Learning and Pedagogic Practice and head to the rooms at the far end of the floor.

Our independent study areas offer access to a range of different desk configurations to suit your study needs. Students can access desks with desktop computers or bring their own devices to use our clear desks with power sockets. If you need extra privacy or want to get your head down on an assignment, cubicle desk areas are also available within this zone. 

catalyst building independent study area

independent study areas on level 2 of catalyst building

Level 3 Breakout Spaces

Desk spaces are available around the main atrium with plug points for devices as well as break out seating areas. There is also an area with additional desktop computer devices for all your study needs.

level 3 breakout space

Other study spaces on Leek Road, Stoke Campus

Library Core

Library Core now has a number of study desks installed in the central area and on each balcony.

study tables in Library Core

Ashley Study Space

LT112 is a (family-friendly) study room, and LT013 (quiet study) are available during Semester 1 (2021). There is also a number of work spaces available in the Business Lounge cafe.

Ashley study space

Ashley 2

There are Study Spaces in the Ground Floor Area of Ashley 2.

Ashley 2 study space

Science Centre

There is study space on the ground-floor area of the Science Centre in the central and rear of the building. Space is also available on the 1st and 2nd floor mezzanines.

Science Centre study space

Students can also book rooms via Resource Booker