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Information to support prospective PGCE student to pass the QTS tests in Literacy and Numeracy

QTS test page

This page is to support prospective Staffordshire University PGCE students to pass the QTS tests in Literacy and Numeracy.  More more information is provided in the QTS Test Manual.

  1. Using the practice test papers which are in paper form, as 'pdf' files, available from the Department for Education website, assess yourself to find the areas that require improvement.
  2. Address these areas.  Some Literacy and Numeracy resources are provided below to help you.
  3. When you feel confident that you have studied sufficiently practice two of the online tests but keep one test for a practice just before you sit your test. Take care because you can become too familiar with the online tests.  Do not let the stop watch at the top of the test page put you off. 
  4. Practice makes perfect.  The more you can practice the greater your chance of success. 

It is important that you remain positive about these tests and believe that you are able to pass them.  Have a look at the information provided by our Enabling Centre.  The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a method you can use to overcome negative thoughts and phobias and you can download a mini manual and videos by clicking here

If you have any concerns or doubts please contact me as soon as possible by email.  I have lots of exam techniques and stress reducing strategies to share with you.  

You can also book a 30 minute appointment with me using the 'Book Appointment' button opposite.  If the times available do not suit you then please email me providing days and times when you are available.  I can see you outside working hours by mutual agreement.

Help is also available from the Academic Skills team. Email:



Beveridge, C. & Green, A. (2014) Teacher's Skills Tests For Dummies [online]

Johnson, J & Bond, B. (2018) Passing the Literacy Skills Test.  5th ed.  London: SAGE Publications Ltd.

Copies of the above books are available in the University library and Education Department

Betteridge, A. (2011) Adult Learner’s Guide to Spelling. London: Chambers

Rudling. J (2015)  QTS Spelling Strategies to Help you Pass the Literacy Skills Spelling Test. For sale from Amazon

Sinclair, C. (2010) Grammar: a friendly approach. 2nd ed. Maidenhead : McGraw-Hill Open University Press

Truss, L (2003) Eats, shoots and leaves: the zero tolerance approach to punctuation. London: Profile

Also see the library books on shelves marked 425 - 428


BBC (2018) Bitesize: Grammar

BBC (2018) Skillswise: Sentence Grammar

BBC (2018) Skillswise: Word Grammar

BBC (2018) Bitesize: Punctuation

BBC(2018) Skillswise: Punctuation

BBC (2018) Skimming and Scanning

Lynda (2018) Skills Training, Learning Speed Reading

Direct link to Lynda for Staffs University students - login with username and password

MindTools (2016) Speed Reading

Oxford Online Dictionary (2018) Common Misspellings

New South Wales Education Department (2017) Literal Comprehension

New South Wales Education Department (2017) Inferential Comprehension

Quizlet (2016) Literacy Spellings

Staffordshire University (2015) Writing Effectively

Staffordshire University (2015) Writing Mechanics

University of Bristol (2015) Improve Your Writing

University of Sussex (2018) Guide to Punctuation



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Patmore, M. (2018) Passing the Numeracy Skills Test. 7th ed. London: SAGE Publications Ltd

Copies of the above book are available in the University library and Education Department

Also see the library books on shelf marked 510


Colin Hegarty  (2016)  Maths website  

You will need to register with the website to gain access to the materials

Colin Hegarty (2015) Maths videos

Corbett (2015) Maths website

Mental Maths - Practice Test 1
Mental Maths - Practice Test 1 Answers

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