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digital U at Staffordshire University: Communicator, Collaborator & Participator

To be digitally capable Staffordshire University employee you must be a digitally capable:

Communicator, Collaborator & Participator who can

  • Confidently use technology to participate, facilitate and initiate working relationships and networks
  • Communicate effectively in a variety of digital media and forums
  • Participate in, facilitate and build digital networks; use digital services and forums;

Communication and Collaboration

Communication now involves a broad range of skills and competencies.  These may require you to: 

  • understand how to communicate effectively in a variety of digital media and digital forums;
  • design communications for different purposes and audiences;
  • to respect others in public communications;
  • to maintain privacy in private communications.

Working collaboratively is now essential for all staff and may take different forms depending on your role.  To allow you to work effectively with others you may need to develop skills to:

  • participate in digital teams and working groups;
  • collaborate effectively using shared digital tools and media;
  • work towards shared objectives; to produce shared materials;
  • use shared calendars and task lists and other project management applications; 

Communication and Collaboration training

Communicating effectively and working collaboratively are important to all of us. Email is still one of the main forms of business communication, but can also be a source of frustration for many.  Our guide to Managing your email effectively may help.

One Drive for Business will help you manage your files and access these securely no matter where you are. It also allows you to share files with others and collaborate on these. Our guide to Using OneDrive for Business will help you start using this service effectively.

Working collaboratively

All of us now need to work collaboratively with others within our teams, Faculty/Service, across the University or outside.  These resources introduce some topics which you might find helpful:

Participating digitally

One of the key ways to participate online is through social media tools that allow you to participate in online conversations, share information,

See our Guide to Social Media for some tips to get started or to manage your use of social media.