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Usernames and Passwords: Welcome

Logging onto university computers

When you log on for the first time, a prompt box will appear with a link to the IS Policies and Regulations.  Please take time to read them.

To log on you will need your username and password.  Your student ID card provides all the information you need.

The format for your username is worked out as follows:

  • First letter of your surname or family name
  • Followed by the last six digits of your student number
  • Followed by the year of entry number (e for 2014 students)

The format for your initial password is the three random words emailed to you with the details of your university account.

Changing your username and password

  • Press Ctrl, Alt and Delete simultaneously
  • Select "change password
  • Follow the on screen instructions
  • Select OK

Your password must be at least six characters long. A combination of numbers and letters will make your password more secure

eResources username and password (includes Partnership students except APIIT)

Most of the online eresources are accessed busing your University username and password. (The same one you use for accessing Blackboard, Pebblepad and University email).

If you have forgotten your password, please contact the online Help Desk. 


Your username is the same as your University ID username i.e. one letter, six numbers and another letter. E.g. w123456e
Your password is set initially to your date of birth as a six digit number with no spaces. ie. if your date of birth is 30th September 1982 then your password would initially be 300982


To access our eResources, log-in when requested to do so using the same username and password as you do for logging onto your University PC, Blackboard etc..

Overseas APIIT partnership Students

If you are a Staffordshire University APIIT partner student, please note that access to Online Library E-Resources is different.

Please login via (your username will begin with the letters ‘STA’). If you have forgotten your username you will need to contact your local administrator within your institution.

Do not attempt to login via Staffordshire University webpages, as this will not work.

Please note that there will be instances where full text coverage is not available for things like e-journal articles. This is beyond our control.

For further information, we recommend that you contact your local administrator in the first instance.

Library Catalogue and My Account

Login to your Library account to renew and request items

If you do not know your username please contact

Don't have a library card?

If you would like to register to use the Library, contact the Library team.

Students - login with your University username and password. eg.: a014864z

Staff  -  login with your University username and password. eg.: abc1

Other members - login with your library barcode number and your Library PIN

Printer usernames and passwords

The university has multi-function printers in all its buildings. You can send print jobs from any computer and collect them from any MFD (Multi-fubnction device) on any Staffordshire University campus.
All staff and students have a printing account. Your username is your usual staff or student username. You will be issued with a 4-digit PIN which will be emailed to you. To purchase print credit, simply visit the MyPrint portal and choose the link to Add Print Credit.