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Get Ready

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Starting university can be both exciting, scary and many other emotions! 

Exciting as you can now learn more about your chosen subject, but also scary as you need to learn new skills and academic processes. Use this guide to see what resources and departments are here to support you at every stage of your academic journey from novice to expert!

Optional Routes

In this "Get Ready" guide you will find links to multiple locations which can support you and your journey into higher education.

  • Skills Bridge - This is a course created by the Library and Academic Services team to prepare incoming students specifically in relation to Academic Skills at Staffordshire University.
  • Induction for new and returning students - This page has been created in relation to Staffordshire University specific resources to support new and returning students.
  • Digital Skills Awareness Course - is a 4 module unit which integrates general information suitable for all incoming university students with localised information relating to Staffordshire University. This is an excellent foundation for you to become aware of the various academic elements you will need to know about to succeed at University.
  • Jump Start - this is a website provided by the Open University which provides access to a number of different courses supporting a variety of academic elements and skills.