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Centre for Archaeology - School of Justice, Security and Sustainability

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BoB playlist

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is Learning on Screen’s on demand TV and radio service for education.

As a student at Staffordshire university you have access to all BOB's programmes however, below are a few that are concerned with Forensic Archaeology

To access the whole of Box of Broadcasts offers click on the link. You will need to log in using the Staffordshire institutional account and your Staffordshire university log in details.

Some relevant content might be:

Forensic firsts - Documentary series that traces the development of key forensic techniques.

History Cold Case - modern forensic science techniques to shed light on the lives of our forebears,...

Bone Detectives - archaeologist Scotty Moore examines mummies and entombed skeletons in remote locations around the world

Treblinka: Inside Hitler's Death Camp - Documentary following a team of British archaeologists who have been granted unprecedented access to investigate and excavate Hitler's most notorious death camp.