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Finding Information on Google Scholar

Using Google Scholar with Staffordshire University Resources

Google Advanced Search

Using the Google Advanced Search can help you find relevant materials for your studies using Google. It is important that if you use the Internet to search for material that you critically assess what you are finding. As well as using Library Resources and tools like Google Scholar, the Advanced Search helps you do this.

Navigate to Google select (1) Settings and then select (2) Advanced Search.

Access Google Advanced Search

An image showing how to access the advanced search via the settings on Google

You are able to (1) enter your search terms. You can also (2) narrow your search results such as narrowing by a site or domain. We recommend searching (UK academic institutions) (UK organisations) and also (UK government). You also have an option of narrowing the date.

filter search on google scholar

An image showing how to run an advanced search on Google

You will then see your search results. To access them, just select the link. 

academic material search results

An image showing your search results from an advanced search on Google

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