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Staffordshire University Virtual Minecraft Library

Minecraft Virtual Library



Hello and welcome!

This supporting guide will assist you in learning about, downloading and accessing the Library's Minecraft world giving you access to all of the library resources and support but via the medium of Minecraft!

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About the project

The Minecraft Virtual Library project was created as a tool to support students in accessing the many resources and support paths available to students whilst studying at Staffordshire University.

Studying at university can be really overwhelming and this includes software fatigue, where you have to learn how to use lots of new programs and systems. So after some research it was decided that one way to help would be to place the links to the library within a familiar and (potentially) fun location, the Minecraft Virtual Library!

The Minecraft Library world only works for students attending Staffordshire University as it requires an active student ID and password to access the Library's materials. 


Download the Minecraft for Education Program

Download the program

Minecraft for Education

  • If using a Staffordshire University machine, Staff and students can open the Microsoft Store via Google or from the start menu search for Company Portal, and search for 'Minecraft: Education Edition' under the Staffordshire University apps section. Users can then select the app and click install. 

Company Portal MEE

Download the Virtual Minecraft Library File


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