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5 things you need to know...

The ability to write an effective paragraph is key to achieving a structured assignment.  There are many assignment formats but the construction of a paragraph is fairly consistent.

An effective paragraph in simple terms is a group of sentences with a common theme.  The main function is to: add information, give explanations and provide evidence.

Start with your assignment plan: this will help to ensure that each individual paragraph has a clear focus and a known position within the overall structure. 

Key elements include:-

Topic - The aim of the first sentence is to clearly identify the specific topic or sub-topic being discussed.

Focus - It should also be clear how this information contributes to the overall aim of the essay and its importance or significance.

Discussion supported by evidence - the main body of the paragraph should inform the reader by developing any statements.  Don't forget that these should be supported by evidence.

Conclusion - It is really important to either close discussion and/or provide a link to the next paragraph.

Please see our Friendly guide produced by students for students.

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Personalising your device and using assistive tools

There are many assistive technology tools which can help you choose how you want to access material and these can really improve your productivity.

The University has made some applications available on the student PCs within the library and IT Centres; others are free for you to download and use on your own devices (phone, tablet, laptop or computer) .  Find out more on our personalising standard software guide and our assistive tools and software guide.