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Harvard referencing - Cite Them Right

The Harvard referencing system is the most common style of referencing used at Staffordshire University and is the officially adopted standard for all students except those studying modules in law or psychology. The version of Harvard we use is the Cite Them Right version.

Bloomsbury Cite them right logoWe have a subscription to Cite Them Right Online to help you use this version effectively. Cite Them Right Online (CTRO) is a comprehensive referencing resource. It will help you to cite and reference just about any source. There is also information on the basics of referencing, top 10 referencing tips, understanding plagiarism and lots more.

A useful feature of the site allows you to create your own references by copying the layout of a record, which you can then email to yourself or cut and paste into your document. 

An accompanying textbook called ‘Cite Them Right is also available in the library. 

We also have a quick guide we have created that covers the most commonly used resources which you may find helpful.  However, we would encourage you to use CTRO whenever possible.

Accessing Cite Them Right Online

On campus: go to 
You will be automatically logged on.

Off campus: login to CTRO online with your University username and password.

You will also find Cite Them Right Online listed under C in the A-Z of resources 

CTRO for Harvard

To make it easier to access the information on the referencing style you need to use CTRO offers specific sections of their site for different referencing styles.  You can access the section for Harvard through the link below.

CTRO for Harvard referencing


CTRO Tutorial

CTRO have produced a tutorial to help you make best use of the software:  Access the Harvard tutorial


What is Cite Them Right Online?

In-text Citations

In-text citations allow you to indicate external information for the reader, showing you have found, read and understood the information and can provide the resource location information (the reference). The In-text citation indicates without additional words that this sentence is informed by another person.


There are two examples of In-text citations below:

Author focussed: Smith (2020) highlighted the need for.....

  • This example shows the focus of the sentence is on the author.

Information focussed: .... as shown by the data the changes to the system supported...... (Smith, 2020).

  • This example shows the focus of the sentence in on the information but still indicates that it is from a person.

Referencing Videos