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SensusAccess: Convert a file to another format

About SensusAccess

SensusAccess allows Staffordshire University students and staff to automatically convert documents into a range of alternate file formats, that are more accessible for your needs. 

Formats available include audiobooks (MP3 and DAISY), e-books (EPUB, EPUB3 and Mobi) and digital Braille, as well as Microsoft Word, PDF and more.  The service can also be used to convert inaccessible documents such as image-only PDF files, JPG pictures and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into more accessible and less tricky formats.

Conditions of use

You can make an accessible copy of a document under the following circumstances:

  • You own the copyright (e.g. it's your own work)
  • You have permission from the copyright owner
  • The copyright has expired
  • You have a print disability or you are creating the copy on behalf of someone with a print disability.

All students and staff may convert documents produced by Staffordshire University which relate to course work and University activities - for example, module handbooks, lecture notes and other handouts - without prior permission from the University. This does not include published works or material where the copyright owner is not the University, unless you have a print disability. Please ask Library staff if you are unsure which documents can be converted.

Students with a print disability who use SensusAccess to convert published works need to agree that:

Convert a file

Use the embedded tool below, or access directly at: