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UK Partner Colleges and Partner Institutions Library Support page: Information for staff working at partner institutions

This guide is intended for all those studying or working at Staffordshire University partner colleges, partner institutions and alternative providers

Finding out about the services we offer

At Staffordshire University each school is supported by members of the Academic Skills team. This team includes subject librarians, study skills tutors and IT consultants. Since we operate on a subject or discipline basis, different members of the Academic Skills team team will be the contacts for specific course at each partner institution. This means that if more than one school runs courses at your institution, there may well be more than one contact. Check our Meet the team page for details of Academic Skills team members. If you are unsure who is the contact you need then email us at to find out!      

Information for partner institution librarians



Once you know which Academic Skills team member is the contact for the course at your institution, why not get in touch to find out how we can help you make the best use of the Staffordshire University eResources to help the students based at your college? The Academic Skills team are always happy to help you. Librarian colleagues at partner institutions can arrange 121s to find out all about the Staffordshire eResources. Another option is to attend one of our partner college colleague days. These are usally held during the Summer months. Email Alison Pope if you wish to be added to the list of delegates and receive emails about forthcoming events.


Once you have a Staffordshire University account – you can log in to Turnitin. If you are not using Blackboard, then you will need to use the direct Turnitin application. Comprehensive guides for this are available.

How to gain access to Staffordshire University eResources as a member of staff at a partner institution

If you need access to Staffordshire University eResources, then please ask your Staffordshire University link tutor to sponsor you. Once they have agreed to do so, send an email to explaining that you need to have an IT account created. Please indicate how long you will need access to Staffordshire University eResources.

If you need to use the University libraries in person, again discuss the matter with your link tutor sponsor. Ask them to sponsor you and then complete an identification card and library account application form. You will be required to provide a digital passport style photograph in a readable format that can be sent to the Customer Services desk or downloaded from an external device, Alternatively, if you are able to visit Thompson Library, one can be taken at the Campus Control room. It will be helpful if you can indicate for how long you might need to have access to the University libraries. If you are unable to do so, then access will be for one year. The library account application form and details about becoming a library member can be found at Library membership and entitlements

It is worth taking a look at the Student Guide to Information Services handbook. You can also use the Library Resources Guide and see our Guides and Podcasts which contain instructions on how to access online resources.

How to get a Turnitin account

Turnitin is integrated into Blackboard.

If you are not using Blackboard,our licence allows associate staff (partner college staff who teach our students) and Staffordshire University students based at partner colleges to to use Turnitin.

You will need a Staffordshire University Turnitin account to access Turnitin. If you are a tutor you can find out how to set yourself up as an instructor on the Turnitin website. If you are a student you can find out more at  in the Turnitin student support pages.

You can create a Turnitin account by using the  Create an account link. To do this you wil need a Staffordshire University ID and password combination which can be obtained by emailing

Using our guide for academic staff

You might find it helpful to browse through our Academic Skills team guide. It contains loads of useful information about the services we offer.

Academic Skills: a guide for staff 

If it doesn't contain the information you need please contact us at