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Appointments - be prepared for your discussion

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If your appointment is focusing on academic skills

BEFORE - What we expect students to do before a 1:1

  • Please familiarise yourself with the assignment brief and try to identify the major keywords for your search. We can help you refine this during the appointment.
  • We can help you with referencing and have lots of examples online via RefZone. Some students find it useful (but not essential) to bring an example of what you want to reference or know where to find it online during the appointment. We may be able to help you find a source if you're stuck!
  • It might be beneficial to check that your student username login is working to access online resources. This is particularly important if your appointment is via telephone where often you'll be following instructions on your own device. Without a login you would also be at a disadvantage and unable to access our research tools. Your username typically consists of a letter, six numbers and another letter (e.g. a123456b) and the password is your date of birth in six digit format (DDMMYY) unless you have changed this to something else. 
  • You might find it useful to bring along any reading lists you may have or alternatively search the reading lists online. We can help you find the materials you need during the appointment.

DURING - What we expect students to do during a 1:1

  • Bring along a notepad, laptop or other device to help you take notes during the session. There will often be links to various online resources that you want to write down or bookmark or lists of relevant books and journals we recommend which otherwise might be forgotten.
  • If you need more time to clarify something in your notes we will happy to help, just remember to ask during the appointment.  

AFTER - What we expect students to do after a 1:1

  • Practice any information retrieval techniques which you have learned during the session (E.g. searching the library catalogue, using databases, eBooks and eJournals, finding quality information) soon after the appointment. Likewise, it might be worth revisiting any referencing or copyright advice you may have received during the session.
  • Information and guidance given during an appointment is a starting point and you will need to build upon the techniques you have learned for future work. If you would like further guidance please make a further appointment.