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Appointments - be prepared for your discussion

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If your appointment is focusing on academic skills

BEFORE - What we expect students to do before a 1:1

For a general discussion, think about:

  • What skill would you most like to improve? 
  • Have you had any feedback from tutors? 
  • Do you need to develop any new skills in order to succeed in your assessments?

For specific assignment discussions:

  • Make sure you have access to your assessment guidelines
  • Think about how to get started and plan your work
  • Bring a draft with you
  • Consider which section(s) you would most like to discuss: we can usually give advice on up to 20% of your work

Perhaps take a look at our online resources

DURING - What we expect students to do during a 1:1

Participate, engage and listen actively.

Unless you have a fantastic memory, it may be a good idea to take some notes on the advice given, or to mark places on your work that may need attention after your appointment: some students prefer pen and paper, others digital devices

Try to think about how you will apply the advice after your appointment, and if you are unsure about anything just ask during the appointment

Be open to considering new strategies in how you go about your work. 

We can help you to develop new skills in order to reach for higher grades: sometimes this can feel a little out of your comfort zone!  

AFTER - What we expect students to do after a 1:1

Any advice given should be applied throughout your assignment and developed in future pieces of work.  

Allow time to reflect on the advice given and consider how you would like to develop your work in order to meet the marking criteria.

You will be learning about your subject area throughout your course, and the same ongoing development should be true of your study skills in order to reach your full potential. 

If there are additional areas of study skills you wish to improve, or you would like advice on how to further develop your work once you have applied what has been discussed already, please feel free to make another appointment.