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Digital Wellbeing

Digital Identity

Digital identity can be defined as all the online information and data specifically about you. It is important to understand how to develop and project a positive digital identity and reputation in the digital world.

Your digital footprint

Whenever you go online you leave a digital footprint. When you share images and messages on social networking sites, post a personal blog or leave a comment on a website you are helping to create a “digital identity” for yourself.  There are two parts to your digital footprint - active and passive.

Your active footprint
Your active digital footprint is made up of specific activities your undertake online.  It includes your online activity – your Facebook posts
tweets, Instagram pictures and more.  Some of this information can be found through a simple internet search of your name or screen name, so you need to consider what might be found and how to configure privacy settings in the systems you use.

Your digital footprint also includes other people's responses to your posts, comments they make about you and how they tag you in their photographs. 

Your passive footprint
Your digital footprint also includes data you unintentionally leave behind as you browse the web, usually in the form of cookies that record what websites you visit and IP address records left in databases which document your visits to individual sites.

Why is this important?
If you are not careful it is possible to create an unfortunate impression of your from what can be found online.  This can be important as many employers now use ‘cyber-vetting’ by checking your social media presence. They can form an opinion of you from this before you meet them.   

Having a positive digital identity can also be a real benefit when looking for employment or to build useful contacts.  You can connect with experts in your field and promote your interests and expertise.

Resources for Digital Identify

There are a number of quick guides to get you started with developing your digital identity safely and effectively. playlist on digital identity is an online learning platform with video tutorials to develop and enhance your digital skills and personal development. A playlist is a collection of videos that center on a specific topic or goal. The playlist below has been created to cover topics relevant to Digital Identity.

For a playlist to work best:

  • Click on the link for the relevant playlist
  • Within, click to Copy the playlist
  • Click on your name at the top right of the screen and choose Playlists
  • Scroll down and find the playlist in the list on the left
  • Then only videos which we have included in the playlist will be shown

Digital Identity Playlist

Some other resources:

Multimedia Resources

  • Managing your digital identity MMU Library Services 3 minutes 
  • What Do Your Digital Footprints Say About You? | Nicola Osborne | TEDxYouth@Manchester 8.23 Minutes