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Digital Wellbeing

What is digital wellbeing

Digital wellbeing is all about feeling comfortable, safe, confident and in control when using technology in an online environment which can sometimes seem overwhelming and confusing. 

This guide provides resources and guidance to help you manage your own and others digital wellbeing more effectively.

The importance of digital wellbeing

Developing an understanding of digital wellbeing and its associated skills and competencies is essential for learning to thrive in today's digital age. Skills and competencies which are important for helping develop positive digital wellbeing include:

  • The ability to maintain positive relationships with others online, avoiding unwanted behaviour such as cyberbullying;
  • Know how to critically evaluate information found online - such as dealing with information overload and fake news;
  • Know how to look after personal and others’ personal and safety online;
  • Understanding how to ensure an appropriate work-life balance in digital settings;
  • Know how to act responsibly in digital environments;
  • Being aware of and avoiding digital distractions;
  • Feeling confident in selecting and using the appropriate digital tools in digital environments;
  • Knowing how to communicate appropriately and effectively in a variety of digital environments – including written communication, data presentation and interpretation.