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Skills Bridge: Welcome 2023

Bridge the gaps in your academic and digital skills and get ahead in your preparations for higher education.

Digital Skills Awareness Course

The course outlines the key digital skills students need for their studies and helps them identify the skills they have and the ones they need to acquire or improve. While the course doesn’t focus on teaching practical digital skills, it provides valuable tips from a variety of sources, including university support staff and students, as well as helpful resources and videos.
Each unit focuses on a particular topic:

  1. General Technologies
    Working with files, Microsoft Office applications, browsers and search engines
  2. Learning Technologies
    Online learning environments, forums, assignments/assessments and video
  3. Access, Sharing and Safety
    Accounts/access, safety, social media and sharing
  4. Getting Organised
    Notetaking, referencing and digital wellbeing


Link to course enrollment

The Staffordshire University Digital Skills Awareness course for students. 

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