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Skills Bridge: Welcome 2024

Bridge the gaps in your academic and digital skills and get ahead in your preparations for higher education.

Studying at University

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New students may find our resources on Studying at University a good starting point.  You will find topics such as: time management, note taking, lecture preparation, acting on feedback. learning styles.

Academic writing

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Under the heading Academic writing there are guides to writing in an evidenced based formal style.

Working with numbers and data

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There are also guides to help you when you are working with numbers and data

Additional Online Resources to support your study

New Study Skills resource

Skills for study logoProvides 12 modules covering a wide range of  essential academic skills.  Each module has an introduction, diagnostic test, sections of content and a module assessment. There are engaging activities and practice exercises to build your skills.

Follow the steps in the Student User Guide to access Skills for Study, set up your account and get familiar with the resource.