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Working with numbers and data

Numeracy and maths

Online resources available:

HELM                      Helping Engineers Learn Maths  - a series of booklets on a wide range of general maths topics

Mathcentre              Help sheets, videos and quizzes (more advanced maths) 

BBC Skills Wise      Guides explaining calculations, worksheets, videos and quizzes (basic maths)

Corbett Maths          Worksheets and videos (basic maths)

Box of Broadcasts    GCSE Bitesize basic algebra (sign-in will take you to the video)


One-to-one appointments are available for general numeracy (including nursing) and maths - please book using the links in the box on the left. It is helpful if you can send any work you wish to discuss in advance. Typical subjects discussed are algebra, probability and trigonometry.  


Numeracy for nurses and paramedics

Nursing Numeracy

Nursing numeracy Padlet   Formulae and practice questions

Queen's University             Videos showing how to work out a variety of drug calculations

Nottingham University          General methods to solve problems, some questions and answers

Paramedic Numeracy

Year 1 Paramedic numeracy Padlet

Year 2 Paramedic numeracy Padlet