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AI and Generative AI

Data Protection

It is important to be aware of how data is collected for generative AI as it could potentially reveal that any information that is placed into it could be then used in the future as a reference. Generative AI is trained and learns through material that it is fed such as news articles, academic papers, forum posts and websites. The AI is also trained on false information in order for it to learn and pick out that false information. 

With AI being allowed more access to the internet as well as it's own results, it's important to make sure to not only be aware of what's being output from but also what you are inputting too as that might get used to teach the AI in the future. 

Be aware of what you are asking the AI to do and avoid revealing personal information such as providing your name or institutional information as there is no way to track what happens to the data after the request is sent. 


Please be aware, that inputting copyrighted content into systems such as ChatGPT to paraphrase the original information may be classed as a copyright breach.