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Staffordshire University Library Teachmeets: Ultimate RDM

Presentations, photographs and notes from the Teachmeets held from 2013 onwards at Staffordshire University

Ultimate Resource Discovery Machine Activity

3 activities 15 minutes each. 

This is the activity that ran throughout the Resource Discovery teachmeet event on 19th March:

Design Ultimate Resource Discovery Machine (URM) to address the needs of the following usergroups categories

  • Student 
  • Academic
  • Researcher

Each group to work together to present their design for the user group as a poster using up to 2 sides of A3 – can be an illustration or a specification 

Over lunch you will each vote for your favourite design from each usergroup category. URDM will be comprised of the highest number of votes for each usergroup category. The group that wins each group will be asked to give an overview of their illustration/specification at the end of the day. 

Recommendations on how to approach the activity 

  • Blue Sky Thinking…how could you improve things for your usergroup
  • Searching & retrieval functionality e.g. creating search, search result relevancy
  • Sharing & downloading
  • User Interface Design e.g. personalisation 
  • Plugins & Integrations e.g. VLEs, Office  
  • Access & authentication 
  • Analytics & altmetrics 
  • Different types of resources e.g. video, audio, datasets etc. 


Student Userneeds Posters

Student Userneeds Suggested Features

These were suggested features that would address staff userneeds:

voice search; personalisation; ease of access; simple uncomplicated results; user generated content notes; reading list links; google like experience with quality of info; spell check; keywords; intelligent limiters; personalisation; embedded social networking tools; multi device; email alerts

Researcher Userneeds Posters

Researcher Userneeds

Research Userneeds Suggested Features

These were suggested features that would address researchers' userneeds:

advanced search/needs; open access; bibliometrics; own content/authorship; collaboration/shareing; advanced referencing tools; widgets; personalisation; push; ease of use; mobile; international access; citation searching; creating; uploading; specialist resources/software; interoperability with repository; different folders for different research activities; drag and drop content 


Staff Userneeds Poster

Staff Userneeds

Staff Userneeds Suggested Features

These were suggested features that would address staff userneeds:

content for students; direct links to VLE; personalisation; copyright; open access; authored own content; altmetrics; citations discovery; peer to peer sharing; reusable teaching repository; reading list creation; alerts new editions; sharing results; single sign-on; natural language; student feedback on resources; magic bibliography; relevance; digitisation option; personal bookmarks with sharing; you might like this recommendation; prioritisation