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Staffordshire University Library Teachmeets: Notes taken by attendees Nov 2013

Presentations, photographs and notes from the Teachmeets held from 2013 onwards at Staffordshire University

Group Photo by Sue Howlett

Notes from David Jenkins, MMU

Our sponsor

We are grateful to the CILIP Information Literacy Group for their sponsorship of the refreshments at the first Teachmeet event. Thank you! 

Notes from Jo Field, University of Wolverhampton

·        Open badges were discussed. You can create badges to award students with achievements and they collect them in a virtual backpack.

          Read more here:


·         Another presenter introduced an open access Arts & Humanities index that he created and manages:


·         A school librarian is using two free apps (available on ios and android) with his students which are worth a look (links below):

          1)  Tellagami

          2)   Socrative


·         The room we were in had a “thought wall” which we could write our comments / questions / feedback on.

This would be useful for the purpose of engaging students in skills workshop activities.