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Library locations and services

Finding your libraries

There are four University Libraries across the Stoke and Stafford campuses. 

Stoke Campus

  • Library Core, Leek Road
    Number 15 on the Stoke campus map.  Access is from either side of the building
    Floor Plan of Library Core
  • Library Catalyst  (Click & Collect facility), Leek Road
    Number 17 on the Stoke campus map. Located on the left just past Reception area.
  • Library Creative, College Road
    Number 13 on the Stoke campus map.  Access is via the Cadman Building and Cadman Courtyard
    Floor plan of Library Creative

Stoke-on-Trent campus map (PDF 2.5 MB)

Stafford Campus

Stafford campus map (PDF, 4.3 MB)

Travelling to the Libraries

Staffordshire University is committed to reducing the impact of transport on the environment.  We would encourage visitors to use more sustainable forms of transport where possible when travelling to our campuses. 

Driving directions to the Stoke Campus (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Driving directions to the Stafford Campus (PDF, 616 KB)

Opening hours - Libraries and Study Spaces

Please note: From Monday 17 June access to Library Creative is via the Cadman Courtyard. The route through the ground floor Cadman Building is now closed.


All our Libraries have self-issue machines allowing you to take out and return books whenever the Library is open. These are easy to use with  onscreen instructions, but we also have vides guides available:

Click and Collect

All our libraries are available as a Click and Collect location. When placing a request for a book through Click and Collect, make sure you select the most convenient library for you. 

Video; How to use Library Click and Collect

Accessible guides to our libraries

We have created guides to our libraries which detail the layout, how to find your way around and what to expect within the different spaces. 

This may be of particular relevance to neurodiverse students to help you prepare for your visit.

AccessAble Guides

AccessAble is an organisation which produces detailed Access Guides which tell you all about a venue's access and what it will be like when you visit somewhere. These look at the route you will use getting in and what is available inside. There are AccessAble guides available for Library buidlings as well as other locations across our campuses.

Study spaces

There is a selection of study spaces in most buildings across our Stoke and Stafford campuses for you to use allowing you to study in a way that suits your needs and preferences.

  • Group Study 
    These are spaces where talking is allowed, but you should take care not to disturb others studying. 
  • Quiet Study
    These are spaces where talking is allowed, but you should take care not to disturb others studying.
  • Silent Study 
    These are spaces where you can study without distraction. There is no talking allowed and you must turn your mobile phone to silent.
  • Student parent/​guardian with child study
    These spaces provide an area for parents to study whilst supervising their children.

Finding study spaces

The Study Space section on Beacon is the best starting point to find a study space which suits your needs. You can also ask Beacon for a study space in your location to see what is  available, or use the maps feature.

You can use the PC Finder tool available from Beacon to see how many PCs are free in all the locations across our campuses.  The laptop finder will also show you the availabiliytb of loaan laptops at each campus, and explain how to sue these.