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Research Publishing

A guide for Staffordshire University Researchers

Read and Publish Deals and Discounts


Transformative agreements (also referred to as transitional agreements or ‘read and publish’ deals) are contracts negotiated between institutions and publishers in order to move away from subscription based reading towards a business model which means payment is made to publish in scholarly journals. In the UK, JISC negotiates transitional agreements on our behalf

We have read and publish agreements with several academic journal publishers which reduce or remove the cost of publishing open access in their journals. The following deals are open to all current Staffordshire University affiliated research staff and postgraduate research students who have written an eligible paper in conjunction with a member of academic staff employed at Staffordshire University. There are slight differences between agreements, so please see eligibility details for the individual deals listed below. 


American Chemical Society


Staffordshire University corresponding authors are able to publish open access in all ACS hybrid and fully open access journals.

  • Review and original research articles can be published immediately Open Access at no cost to the author.
  • Funded or unfunded papers

See How to publish open access for more information.



Via publisher website

  • During the submission process, state that you are affiliated with the University of Manchester and use your university email address
  • When completing the Journal Publishing Agreement, select the option to 'Yes I wish to publish Open Access as per the agreement'




Staffordshire University corresponding authors will have the Article Processing Charges covered for the Open Access publication of your funded original research article in one of the 37 Hybrid Journals and 22 fully OA journals covered by the agreement. 

Check full details, the list of eligible funders and participating journals



Via publisher website

Ensure you meet the funding requirements.

During the submission process, state that you are affiliated with Staffordshire University.




Staffordshire University corresponding authors are eligible to publish Open Access in permitted Elsevier, Lancet and Cell Press journals.  Under this agreement they can:

  • Publish their peer-reviewed research open access in hybrid journals, without the need to pay an Article Processing Charge (APC).
  • Publish their peer-reviewed research in fully Open Access journals with a 15% reduction and price cap on publishing in Elsevier’s fully OA journals (Gold Open Access),

See the Elsevier-UK Institutions Agreement  for detailed information and a list of participating journals.



Only the following article types in Hybrid journals are eligible: Research and Review articles, Case Reports, Data in Brief, Micro-article, Original Software Publication, Protocol, Replication Study, Short Communication, Short Survey, Video Article, Practice Guideline. There are further restrictions on eligible article types for The Cell Press and The Lancet. 

For fully OA journals a 15% discount is available when publishing in these titles. As the university does not have a central APC budget, authors should ensure they have the funding available from their department prior to submitting papers for publication via this route.

Please note that if you do not satisfy all the eligibility criteria and the request is rejected, you will receive an invoice for the full cost of the APC.




Via publisher website

  • During the submission process, state that you are affiliated with Staffordshire University and use your university email address  




Staffordshire University corresponding authors are able to publish open access in all Wiley journals without having to pay an APC.

  • Your manuscript must have been accepted on or after 1 January 2022
  • You must be the responsible corresponding author who is affiliated with a participating UK institution (see the UK section of our Institutional & Funder Payments page)
  • You must publish open access in a fully gold OA journal or a hybrid (subscription) journal that offers open access
  • Only primary research and review articles qualify
  • If publishing in a hybrid (subscription) journal, you must order open access at the point of acceptance by using the Wiley order workflow.
  • This agreement cannot be used to cover additional charges (e.g. cover, colour, and page charges), which individual journals administer separately.

See the Wiley Open Access agreement for authors for more information.



  • There is a UK-wide limit on the total number of papers which can be published Open Access via this deal. Once this threshold is hit, the deal will pause, and immediate Open Access with Wiley will be unavailable for Staffordshire University authors for a period of time.
  • The agreement currently applies to both funded and unfunded papers but is likely to be restricted to papers funded by the following organisations later in the year: UKRI; The Wellcome Trust; Cancer Research UK (CRUK); British Heart Foundation (BHF); Arthritis Research UK; Bloodwise; Parkinson’s UK.



Via publisher website

  • During submission, when asked how you will pay the OA charge, select ‘My institution has an agreement with Wiley’ and use the Account Code Tool to find the correct code.