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Assignment Survival Guide

Getting started...

Being faced with your first assignment at University can be a daunting prospect. These pages might help you to cope! They will help you to plan your time and the steps you might need to follow to survive and produce your first piece of assessed work.

The ten steps involved fall under three main headings:

male student wearing headphones reading book and making notes

  • Planning your assignment
    • Step 1 - Where do I start?
    • Step 2 - How to I approach my assignment?
    • Step 3 - How to I plan my assignment
  • Researching
    • Step 4 - How to I start my research?
    • Step 5 - How to I find the books I need?
    • Step 6 - How can I find journals?
    • Step 7 - Is there any other materiaI can use?
  • Producing and finalising your assignment
    • Step 8 - How do I use my research
    • Step 9 - How do I write my essay?
    • Step 10 - Have I done all that is required?

Select each of the pages in turn to see tips and guidance for that topic.