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UK Disability History Month

About Disability History Month

UK Disability History Month (UKDHM) is an annual event creating a platform to focus on the history of the struggle for equality and human rights for disabled people.

The aims of UK Disability History Month are to:

  • Celebrate our lives as disabled people now and in the past
  • Challenge disabilism by exploring our oppression over time and now
  • Achieve equality

UK Disability History Month 2022: Disability, Health and Well Being

The lead image shows a large red heart on a yellow background. The heart contains the text 'Disability, health and well being'. A large crack runs down the length of the heart, separating the words.

This year's theme for UK Disability History Month is Disability, Health and Well-being.

Alongside the Disability Support available from the university we have a Wellbeing Collection on all sites, which contains resources to help you maintain a healthy balance between your studies and your life.

We have created an online reading list giving details of all of the books you will find in our Wellbeing Collection on campus, alongside an online reading list which shows titles which are available as ebooks.