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UK Disability History Month

Every Voice eBook Collection

We have recently added the Every Voice: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)  eBook collection to our subscription of eBooks from eBook Central. 

The DEI eBook subscription includes thousands of titles from sought-after publishers all over the world. Its interdisciplinary content is curated to represent all voices and delve deeply into topics of race, gender, religion, gender and sexuality, disability, poverty and many more.

It gives access to diverse and award-winning content highlighting smaller publishers and diverse authors. Plus, the majority of titles were published in the past 10 years.

You can find the resources by using Library Search or from the eBook Central website.

Reading List

To help celebrate UK Disability History Month we have collated a number of resources.

Some of these we have recently purchased as part of Library Unlimited,  others are new content within systems we subscribe to.

Explore our UK Disability History Month focused reading list.

Box of Broadcasts Playlist

BoB is an On Demand TV and Radio for Education. It allows staff and students to record programmes from over 75 free-to-air channels and search their archive of over 2.5 million broadcasts.

We have curated a playlist of content relevant to issues around disability:

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online platform that offers access to thousands of video courses to help you develop your business, creative and technological skills.  Our subscription covers access to all courses for students and staff.

We have collated some of the courses and learning paths that address key topics related to disability.

If you have not used LinkedIn Learning before look at our Get started with LinkedIn Learning guide to learn how to set up an account and more about how the system works.  

LinkedIn Learning courses related to disability

Learning Paths

Learning paths are compiled playlists of related video courses which focus around a larger topic.  They include courses and videos from different instructors, all geared towards helping you develop a specific set of knowledge and skills.