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UK Disability History Month

David Blunkett

David blunkett photo‘It is not the individual no matter how well placed but the campaigning, the zeal of those building on what comes before, to make the world a better place, who in the end will make that difference’

David Blunkett was born in 1947 in one of Sheffield's most deprived areas. He has been blind since birth. He was educated at schools for the blind, but turned down the opportunity to train as a piano tuner, insisting on a wider education. After gaining qulaifications via night school he studied politics at Sheffield University. He became Sheffield’s city council youngest ever councillor and later progressed to its leader.

David served as Labour MP for the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough constituency for 28 years stepping down at the 2015 general election, before becoming a Life Peer. He held several govenrment positions, becoming Education Secretary following the 1997 Election, Home Secretary 2001 to 2004,and Secretary of Work and Pensions 2005. He had responsibility for the Equal Opportunities Commission, establishing the Disability Rights Commission and introduced a programme of Inclusive Education.

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