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Accessibility support

Taylor & Francis

Resource type: Journals, Ebooks
Web accessibility standard:
W3C WAI WCAG 2.0 Level A or AA
Instructions for screen reader and keyboard users:
If you need to enlarge text, use a screen reader or can't use a mouse (keyboard only) you will find this database more accessible in Firefox than Internet Explorer. 
Taylor & Francis ebooks
On the results page for searching or browsing, select the Full access content only box to narrow your results to full text material. Some books require a plug-in. Screen readers note that from the results page, select the book title, then list the links on the page. If a plug-in is required there will be a link saying A software plug-in is required.
Taylor & Francis journals
If you need to enlarge text, use a screen reader or can't use a mouse (keyboard only) you will find this database more accessible in Firefox than Internet Explorer.
Instructions from Publisher website: 
We have provided consistent global navigation links and each page has a breadcrumb trail of navigation leading back to the homepage. All pages on the site contain a search box.
There is also a 'skip to content' link on every page which allows users of assistive technologies to navigate directly to the main content.
Markup and headings
This website has been built to modern web standards using valid XHTML and CSS. We have used headings properly to help assistive technology users browse the page content.
Screen reader users:
Modern screen readers use a common set of commands allowing you to navigate through a page using the headings:
h - cycle through the headings
Shift + h - cycle backwards through the headings
1 - 6 - move to the next heading of the same level (for example, 1 will move you to the next level 1 heading, 2 will move you to the next level 2 heading)
Shift + 1 - 6 - as above but moving through each heading backwards
Insert + F6 - provide a list of all headings on a page.
Opera users
If you are browsing the site using Opera you can cycle through the headings using these commands:
s - cycle through the headings
w - cycle backwards through the headings.
Online content
Our journal content has been published in both HTML and accessible PDF formats. Secondary content has been provided as HTML where possible and accessible PDFs where not.
Taylor & Francis accessibility information

Web of Science

Resource type: Databases
Web accessibility standard: ADA Section 508 compatible

Statement from publisher website:
The Web of Science (WoS) website, hosted at Mimas, is committed to making the information and resources provided on its web pages accessible. We aim to be standards-compliant and to follow the basic principles of usability and universal design, which should help all visitors.  This website should work with assistive technologies, and all sections should be usable with most modern web browsers.
Instructions for screen reader and keyboard users:
Only the Basic Search box is accessible. If you need to do a cited reference search please contact Library enquiries.


Resource type: Journals
Web accessibility standard:
Instructions for screen reader and keyboard users:
To by-pass the 'Log in to My Westlaw UK Profile' box keyboard users need to tab back to the X to close it. Tabbing to Skip does not work. 
Screen reader users note that on the cases results page, the title of each reference is given a heading level, but access to the full text is by the case citation. The options to narrow results by Topics, Jurisdiction, Courts and Status are listed as headings. Go to the appropriate heading and then tab to access the options below. It is difficult to narrow by date. This option is available within Advanced Search.
The Searching within results box is labelled as Unlabeled1 Edit.


Resource type: Database, full text
Web accessibility standard: All pages delivered will be valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional, as defined by the W3C
Instructions for screen reader and keyboard users:
Link to Blackwell Reference Online accessibility information

Wiley Online Library

Resource type: Database, some books and journals are full text
Web accessibility standard:
Instructions for screen reader users:
Screen reader users may experience problems reading the PDF documents so should choose HTML full text, where available. If the screen reader repeats a paragraph, move to the next one (you can do this in JAWS by selecting P on the keyboard). 
You will be able to search, but not browse this resource. You cannot narrow your search to find subscription only items. On the results page if something is available in full text there is wording before the link to the article title which says You have full text access to this content. You will therefore need to move to the article title you are interested in and read back to see if it is available in full text.
If you select the article or chapter title link in the results list, on the following page choose the links View Full Article for HTML or Get PDF for the PDF.
If you download more than 25 articles within your computer session you will have to complete a CAPTCHA challenge. This does have a link to an audio option.