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Alma Training Guide - Student Connect Team

About Alma

Alma Overview

Terminology in Alma

Fulfilment. Fulfilment is a category of functions within Alma that include circulation of stock and dealing with patrons.  Anything that fulfils a request - from a patron or for a library process - comes under Fulfillment.

Circulation Desks are work location(s) in the library that handle patron fulfillment. You would set this as your Location in the Alma menu (upper right corner) so that materials are checked out and in properly.

Fulfillment Units are shelving locations with similar lending/return policies and blocks.

Institution is the campus that contains a library or libraries.

Library is each individual library in a campus.

Working in Alma

  • Login to the Staffs Alma site to start working in Alma.  Use your normal Staffs Uni credentials.  Individual accounts must be used  - there are no generic accounts and you must not share accounts with anyone else. 
    NOTE:  You are automatically logged out of the system after 30 minutes of inactivity. 
  • Make sure you have the correct circulation desk selected as your Location in Alma once you have logged in to allow you to work on required tasks.

Overview of activities

The key activities relating to Alma which will be undertaken by the Student Connect team are outlined below:

View Patron records

  • View a patron record
  • View a Patron's loans and fines
  • Add a Note to a Patron record

Loan and return items

  • How to loan an Item
  • Managing returns
  • Re-shelving items
  • Hold Shelf/Pick list- dealing with requests

Place Requests

  • Request an item for a Patron
  • Locate a request
  • Modify a request
  • Cancel a request

Handle Fines

  • Check fines
  • Dispute a Fine/Waive a Fine

External patrons

  • Create an account for non-University students/staff [not currently happening due to Covid restrictions]