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Alma Training Guide - Student Connect Team

Alma Terminology

In Alma functionality related to Patron Records is found under Fulfilment > Checkout/Checkin > Manage Patron Services

Working in Alma

  • Login to the Staffs Alma site to start working in Alma.  Use your normal Staffs Uni credentials.  Individual accounts must be used  - there are no generic accounts and you must not share accounts with anyone else. 
    NOTE:  You are automatically logged out of the system after 30 minutes of inactivity. 
  • Make sure you have the correct circulation desk selected as your Location in Alma once you have logged in to allow you to work on required tasks.

Patron records

Getting started

Further guidance

Creating new user accounts

You may be required to create a new account within Alma for non-Staffordshire University users who do not have an account set up automatically.  This may include Alumni, SCONUL access and other external users. Such borrowers are not currently permitted to use any of our Libraries due to Covid restrictions

Guidance will be added on the standard format for these accounts once external borrowers are allowed to use or facilities.