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Reading lists

Most modules have a reading list to support your studies with essential and recommended books and articles. Our new Reading Lists Online system allows you to easily access electronic content on the list and find out the latest status of print books - and request these through our Click and Collect service.

You should find a link to your reading list through Blackboard (or MS Teams if that is used for your module).  You can also access the system through the link below. On the Find Lists page you can search by your module title, module code or the name of your module leader.  

Finding books for your subject

We organise books on the shelves in subject order using the Dewey Decimal System.  Books on the same subject have the same number (the class number) and this tells you exactly where the item will be located.

The books are arranged in numerical order first by class number, then in alphabetical order by author.  Each book has a label on its spine displaying the number followed by the first three letters of the author's last name.

The majority of the books for Education will be located between 370 and 379:
370 Education 371 Schools, Special education
372 Pre-school and primary education 373 Secondary education
374 Adult education 375 Curricula
378 Higher education 379 Public policy issues in education
You can find specific books related to your subject area using Library Search (you can also select the Searching for information tab from the contents list of this page). 


Examples of books available for Education

A Concise Guide to Education Studies book cover
A concise guide to lecturing in higher education and the academic professional apprenticeship book cover
Research Methods for Education book cover
Teacher Transition into Innovative Learning Environments book cover
The Paraprofessional's Handbook for Effective Support in Inclusive Classrooms book cover
Learning to Teach in the Primary School book cover
Critical Thinking Skills for Your Education Degree book cover
A complete guide to the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training book cover
Shaping higher education with students book cover

Online books

As well as printed books, we also have thousands of online books available.  These are high-quality academic texts that supplement our print collection. 

Most online books can be found using Library Search (you can also select the Searching for information tab from the contents list of this page). 

To see if there is an online book on a subject you are looking for, you can refine your search by:

  1. Selecting Books from the Content type options
  2. Selecting Available online from the Format available as options


For more information on finding, accessing and using online books, please refer to our guide.

Going beyond your reading list

The ability to find additional appropriate resources for yourself is a skill that will help you to become a more independent learner.  A deeper understanding of your subject will give you confidence when tackling your assignments and should lead to better grades.

Look at the guide Academic reading which will help you to develop and perfect your reading skills.  

Can't find the book that you are looking for?

Sometimes when doing research you may come across a book that you are unable to find using Library Search.  

You can usually request the loan of a book that is not currently stocked by our libraries through our Document Delivery service.  

If you only need a specific chapter of a book, you could also try our Request a Digital Copy service.