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Borrowing & membership

Don't Be Stuck For A Book

Is there a particular book we don't have that would make a useful addition to the library?

Final Year and PhD Students can use our Stuck for a book service to request the purchase of books to be added to the Library collection to support their University study and research.*

How Do I Request a Book?

Send your Stuck for a Book requests to providing as much information as possible on the book (bibliographic details such as Title, Author, ISBN, Edition will help to us process your order faster).

You will need to include your name and student number so we can reserve the book for you.

How Do I Collect My Request?

You will be notified via your Library Account when the book is available to pick up from the Click & Collect point in the Catalyst building.
You will need to bring your student card to then check out the book on our self-issue machines. 

Before ordering a book please note the following:

  • Check that the Library does not already have a copy of the book available.
  • If we have the book but it is out on loan please use the Click and Collect service to reserve a copy.
  • Books are ordered at the discretion of the Academic Skills team.
  • Print books ordered are subject to availability and delivery times from our suppliers.
  • All resources purchased by this service remain property of the Library and may be recalled.

Staff Information

If you are a member of staff please visit the Ordering a Books & Journals page for details on ordering your reading list resources.

*Stuck for a book requests are limited to 5 titles per student.

Document Delivery Service

The Document Delivery Service is for requesting items that are not currently stocked by our libraries.

Most requests will be fulfilled by On Demand, the document supply service from the British Library.

You will need to register for a British Library Online Account (select On Demand as the service) and then associate that account with Staffordshire University Libraries.  

When you receive an email from The British Library asking you to confirm your email address. Click on the link within the email to activate your account, then forward this email to the Document Delivery team at to notify us of your online account number. Please include your Staffordshire University student number or staff ID to allow us to confirm your status and eligibility, and the email address that you registered with the British Library. We will contact you to confirm when your online account has been associated with our business account. 

You can then order electronic copies of chapters and articles to be delivered direct to your registered email address. Please note, you will be required to complete a Copyright Declaration form for each request made.

You can also use this service  to request copies of books for loan to your home address, please note in this case you are responsible for returning any items to the British Library (and paying the postage costs) alongside any charges for overdue, damaged or lost items you have loaned.

There is no limit to the number of requests that you can make, but please bear in mind that the service is expensive, so try to be selective.  Please also make sure that you check any items you wish to request are not freely available online. Our guide to Open Access resources in the section below will help you with this.

Sometimes we can’t fulfil requests due to availability, cost or copyright restrictions, but we will let you know of any issues.

Please note that you will be responsible for paying the return postage costs to the British Library. Loans should normally be returned by first class post. However, British Library may ask you to use some form of recorded delivery when returning an item. A return address label is enclosed with loans and should be used to return the item to the correct address.

Overdue, Damaged or Lost Items

Books on loan can be recalled by the British Library at any time – please ensure that you check your online account and emails regularly for notifications. If a loan item is not returned promptly after being recalled, an overdue charge of £5.45 will be applied.

The British Library charges a minimum of £185.50 for long overdue, damaged or lost items - this includes an administration charge of £92.75 plus VAT, which is non-refundable even if the book is returned.  This charge will be passed on to the borrower. 

How to Register for British Library On Demand

To register for a British Library Online Account, please follow the step-by-step instructions in the guides below.

Open Access Resources

What are Open Access Resources?

These are resources (for example books, conference papers or journal articles) that have been made available to read or download free of charge and without having to log-in for access.

Please check that the material you need is not freely available online before making a request via the On Demand service.

The following search tools provide a quick and easy way to check for resources, when you can't find what you are looking for in stock at our libraries.

Search Tools for Open Access Resources

Browser Extensions

These free browser plug-ins unlock access instantly and legally to millions of open access resources.

Doctoral Theses

We are unable to order theses on your behalf, but many of these are available digitally from the British Library. 

You can search over 500,000 doctoral theses using EThOS (the UK’s national thesis service) and in many cases download a copy for your research.  If a thesis is not immediately available you can order a scanned copy (charges will apply). 

Other useful open access resources include:

Contact Us

If you have any questions about using the On Demand service, or you cannot find the article or book that you need, please get in touch via email at