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Reading Lists Online training guide

Checklist for reviewing your lists

The following list covers the key activities you will need to be aware of within Leganto in order to:

  • Check a reading list which has been rolled over
  • Manage content within your reading list

Use this checklist to help make sure that your list can be used successfully by students. You will find guidance on how to carry out each of the activities on the Leganto training guide.
You can also contact  if you have problems with accessing and using the system. 

How to re-order sections in your reading list

Information is easily movable in Leganto lists.

If sections of your list are in the wrong order, ensure that the section you want to use is collapsed and only displaying the section title (if you aren’t sure if your list is collapsed, the small arrow next to the section title will be pointing to the right). Please note that if your section has no items populating it, it can’t be moved until it has some items in the section.

Hover your mouse cursor over the section you wish to move, and you will see a blue column appear to the right of the section line. Grab the blue column by clicking, holding, and dragging with your mouse and drop it when it is in the position you wish. Alternatively, there are up and down buttons on the blue column which can be clicked to move the section a line at a time to the desired position. You can change the order of your sections at any point, but there is not an undo function to automatically put things back as they were before any changes.

To change which section of your list a resource is located, find the resource in your reading list. Remember, if you have multiple sections on your list, you will need to click the section titles to see the list of items in the section. Once you have found the item you wish to move, select the ellipses button on the right (…) in line with the item title. Select “Move citation” from the drop-down menu that appears. From here you have the option to move the item to another reading list or another section of your list as required.

You can change the locations of the items in your reading list at any point, but there is not an undo function to automatically put things back as they were before any changes. If you move items within your reading list, you can find the item and move it again using this method. If you move the item to a different reading list by mistake, you will need to find the item in that list in order to remove it.