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Reading Lists Online: Introduction to the new system

Preparing for September 2022

Steps required for staff who previously had an online reading list.

All reading list in KeyLinks were migrated to Leganto in January 2022.  These lists, plus any new lists created since January,  will have been rolled over to new Leganto lists mapped to the new Blackboard codes for 2022-23.

To access your lists and check them follow the steps below:

  1. If you use Blackboard for your module:  Blackboard connects to the Reading Lists using an LTI connection.  This has been added to the templates in Blackboard and Blackboard Ultra. For modules with an existing lists this means you should find that the Reading Lists Online link in both the Blackboard Ultra and old Blackboard course shells maps to the correct reading list. 
    For new modules which do not have a list to connect clicking the link will prompt you to create a new list.  
  2. If you use MS Teams for your module: Login to Leganto and locate the relevant list from the list of all the lists for modules that you own/have access to.
  3. Check that the list for your module has all the required content included in the correct order.  You should also test that the links to different types of resources work correctly, and check if all items are included and link correctly. We have a checklist to help guide you in the areas to test and amend where necessary - see section below.
  4. Add new items to your list if required.  This will include new purchase requests and digitisation requests.
  5. If you have added new items select the option 'send to the Library' for these to be processed.
  6. Publish the list to make it available to students.

Adding to Blackboard and MS Teams

As mentioned above the link within Blackboard should be on your template.  If you have problems using this or it is not visible  please contact your Learning Technologist. Contact

  • Matt Coombe-Boxall - JSS and IoE
  • Chris Harrison - DTA
  • Jas Sahota - HSW

To add to MS Teams you can add a new tab using the Website option and add the URL for the Reading List. 

For help with the reading list itself (content or functionality) please contact the Library on 

Checklist for rolled over reading lists

The following list covers the key activities you will need to be aware of within Leganto in order to:

  • Check a reading list which has been migrated from Keylinks
  • Manage content within your reading list

Use this checklist to help make sure that your list can be used successfully by students. You will find guidance on how to carry out each of the activities on the Leganto training guide.
You can also contact  if you have problems with accessing and using the system. 

Instructor Activity Comments
You can access your Leganto account via the website link: 
Leganto uses single-sign on so this link should authenticate automatically with your normal username and password.  Check for your initials in the top right.
You can access your existing Leganto list tvia Blackboard   
You can add your existing Leganto list to MS Teams   
You can re-order the sections within your list to the correct position  
You can add a new section to your reading list  
You have checked that each citation in your list can be accessed and links point to the correct information.  If appropriate check:
-    Print books
-    Ebooks
-    Journal Articles
-    Websites
-    Videos
-    Digitised content (course packs)
You can add a new citation using Library Search scopes.  Check the search scopes:
-    Everything
-    Staffordshire University Catalogue
For each of the new citations you have added you have confirmed it can be accessed correctly  
Check the student view of your list within Leganto  
If necessary, publish the reading list to students  

Download the Word version of the list:

Setting up new reading lists

If you have not used a Keylinks list you can create a new list to add to Blackboard or Teams. The Library can support you in creating this.

Ordering new books and other resources

As we move to Leganto there will be a new procedure for ordering new books and other resources to include on your lists. The new system offers the opportunity to manage purchases a more streamlined way. Instructions on the steps needed will be included in the January training sessions. 

Digitisation requests

The new system also the opportunity to manage digitisation in a more streamlined way.  Full instructions on the steps needed are be on the full training guide